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What Is A Title Issue?

In a nutshell, title to real property means the name or names of those who own real property. When someone becomes an owner of property, whether through a purchase, inheritance, or some other transfer, a deed is typically recorded at the county recorder’s office where the property is located.

Title issues range from disputes over ownership and how title was acquired, to disputes over deeds of trusts and other encumbrances like judgment liens that are recorded against title to property.

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How Do Title Issues Arise?

Title issues are far ranging. They can arise in a traditional, buyer/seller transaction where there is a dispute whether one party performed and is entitled to specific performance of a real estate contract. They can arise in probate, where a decedent lost title to property based on the acts of an unscrupulous care giver who inserts herself into a will when the decedent was dependent on that person and in no shape to make estate planning decisions. They can arise when a deed of trust is recorded against property even though the property owner did not take out the loan, or where foreclosure is sought even though the loan was paid. I have broad knowledge of several practice areas to help resolve your complex title issues.

Do I Need An Attorney To Resolve My Title Issue?

Title issues can arise based on a wide variety of circumstances. My background with probate and trust administration and litigation, and business litigation, gives my clients the benefit of knowing that I have litigated and resolved their issue before through my work with other clients. This piece of mind will help you reach a successful resolution of your title issue so you can protect your biggest asset.

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