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Recovering The Debt Owed After A Debtor Dies

Many people falsely believe that once a person dies, it is nearly impossible to recover the debts owed to the estate. In fact, it is possible, but you must act quickly.

I am attorney Jeffrey Coleman. As the founder of The Coleman Firm, in Newport Beach, I have helped a wide range of creditors recover debt in California. Whether you are an individual owed money from a contract, a person or business owed money from a judgment, or a bank seeking to recover credit card debt or consumer financing, I can assist.

Two Ways To Collect A Debt After Death

Given the correct resources, many debts are worth pursuing. There are two ways to pursue collection after the death of a debtor:

  • Go through court-supervised probate: Here you will file a claim with the superior court and then perfect that claim. However, the paperwork is exacting and there is a very tight timeline where you must perfect your claim quickly to meet deadlines.
  • Open the probate process: If no probate is open, then you, as the creditor, may have to open a probate case to file your claim. I am adept at the probate process and can help many types of creditors act quickly to recover their debts.

Collecting from a deceased party is a very different process from other types of collection. Once a debtor has passed, you cannot sit on a claim or you risk losing all that is owed.

In addition to individuals and small businesses, I assist banks and large corporations that do not have the in-house resources available to allocate to the collection effort.

Contact The Coleman Firm For Help With Creditor Claims

I can evaluate your claim and offer seasoned guidance, support and representation. Call 714-644-9221 to set up an initial meeting to discuss your case. You can also reach me at the firm by sending a website contact email.