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The Coleman Firm Case Results

  • Resolution of a will contest involving an over $3 million estate
  • Successful prosecution of an elder abuse action against a nurse who, along with her lawyer son, bilked an elderly widower out of his nest egg (the lawyer is now disbarred)
  • Resolution of a case after more than 4 years of litigation involving fraud claims against 2 fiduciary clients on a development project where the clients faced millions in damages (including punitive damages); settled for a nominal sum
  • Successful prosecution of a trust contest involving an over $1 million trust corpus
  • Recoupment of IRS penalties and interest for tax payers on claims against accountants for professional negligence
  • Successful will contest against neighbor who, through undue influence, stole her widowed-neighbor’s home and life savings
  • Favorable resolution of a breach of fiduciary duty claim against a trustee entrusted with a corpus of over $50 million in cash and real property
  • Defense of a widow against claims by a creditor of her deceased husband’s business
  • Defense of a partition action against co-owner who had obtained title by fraudulent means
  • Successful prosecution on an action to cancel a forged deed purportedly executed while the owner was in prison
  • Defense of a case brought by siblings against their trustee brother who alleged he embezzled funds held in a trust established by their father
  • Injunction by a business owner against a competitor for unfair business practices that stopped the competitor from stealing customers and using illegal tactics in its operation
  • Defense of claims against a restaurant owner for unfair competition and breach of contract
  • Successful resolution in defense of a case by a third party who claimed title to real estate by an unrecorded deed that was purportedly executed 4 decades prior to the initiation of the suit
  • Successful resolution of a dispute over the ownership of a family business for the family members who had been alienated from the business
  • Defense of a contest involving a more than $2 million trust corpus brought by the son of the trustor of the trust who alleged his sisters used undue influence over him to execute a trust weeks before his death
  • Successful resolution of a malpractice case against an estate planning attorney who failed to properly advise a client to fund a sub trust
  • Resolution of a trust contest where a neighbor obtained an interest in the estate of an elderly neighbor while acting as his caregiver
  • Defense of a trustee through two (2) successful appeals concerning a “specific reference” requirement in a trust instrument (second appeal is a published opinion)
  • Successful prosecution of a will contest in favor of the relatives of a dependent adult where the contest was brought more than a decade after the suspicious estate planning document were drafted and executed by the decedent
  • Resolution of a claim against a widow in favor of her step-daughter where the widow used a forged deed to transfer the decedent’s property to the widow while the decedent was in an intensive care
  • Successful prosecution of a will contest against a care custodian in favor of a life-long friend of a testator and beneficiary under a prior will
  • Defense of misappropriation of trade secret claims by a former employer who sought to keep its former employees from starting their own business
  • Recovery in an action against a fiduciary who embezzled money from underage beneficiaries
  • Judgment (plus punitive damages) against a vendor that stole a business’s money using fraud
  • Favorable settlement with a foreign corporation that breached a contract with a California construction company
  • Successful quiet title action in a family dispute over real property