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The Coleman Firm

The Coleman Firm combines big-firm experience with the tenacity and one-on-one attention that only a small firm can offer.

There is something appealing about seeking representation from a large firm. But there is a trade-off, as large firms often come at a much higher cost, typically outsourcing casework to junior associates and paralegals and executing strategic decisions in a cumbersome fashion.

You do not have to accept such a compromise. Whether you are an individual, a small business or a creditor such as a bank or credit union, you will receive dedicated support to meet your goals.

What To Expect When You Become A Client

The attorney-client relationship should feel comfortable and open, and that is the atmosphere you can expect when you become my client. I strive to foster personalized attention and client collaboration.

When resolving your legal matter through litigation and trial or negotiation, I gain a competitive advantage through comprehensive research, thorough preparation and two decades of experience in the courtroom. You can count on me to focus on your legal issue as much as you do.

The Coleman Firm Is Here To Protect Your Interests

As someone who is facing a difficult title issue or needs to probate a lost loved one’s estate, you need a steady hand to ensure that you follow the legal process completely and accurately. As a business owner, you need efficient and effective representation to protect your bottom line. And as a creditor who needs to file a claim against an estate, you need representation that helps you act quickly to secure your rightful payment.

At my firm, I help a wide range of clients in California overcome these legal challenges. Schedule an appointment to discuss your case with me and begin exploring your options.

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Meet The Attorney

I am attorney Jeffrey Coleman, and I began my career working for a large statewide firm serving primarily corporate and institutional clients. Five years later, I took that experience and knowledge and opened my own practice. As a client, you’ll have the benefit of my training and two decades of experience as well as the assurance that you’ll be working directly with me throughout the life of your case. Learn More