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What can a quiet title action do for your real estate dispute?

| Oct 2, 2021 | Title Defects |

Spending years living in a property only to find out that it may not be yours could send you into a panic. Yet, there is often a simple way to resolve the issue.

Quiet title actions are a relatively quick and inexpensive way to clear up doubts and verify who owns the property. The ideal time to carry out a quiet title action is before taking ownership of the real estate. Yet, title issues are not always apparent at the time. 

Disputes over inherited property may take time to surface

Your mother dies and leaves you her house. A few months later, you get an email from an attorney saying that your mother had a daughter she never told you about. Your half-sister believes the house should be theirs. 

The same can happen with real estate that you purchase. The person that sells it to you might be unaware of others who have a claim to it. Or, they might know but hide that information from you.

A quiet title action can also work for a boundary dispute

You may also face title problems of a lesser nature. For instance, your neighbor decides to renew the fence that separates you. They discover an old photo showing the stone wall that preceded the fence was a few feet further to your side. Filing a quiet title action can help you both get to the bottom of the matter without taking each other to court.

Quiet title actions cannot solve all real estate title issues. Having help to assess your situation can help you decide whether there is a simple solution or if you need to use litigation.