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Probate And Trust Litigation: Disputes That Arise At The Worst Time Imaginable

Disputes over a decedent’s estate are sometimes unavoidable no matter how much careful estate planning a person does before their death.  Those disputes, if unresolved, can lead to litigation during a period when those involved in a case are coping with big changes to their lives brought about by the death of a loved one.

These disputes over a decedent’s estate arise in mostly two contexts: the creation and execution of an estate plan, or the administration of the estate plan (or, where no will or trust exist, a decedent’s intestate estate).

Disputes that arise over the creation and execution of an estate plan typically involve allegations that a will, trust, deed, or some other instrument was created and signed by the decedent under suspicious circumstances or otherwise forged.  These disputes are referred to as “will contests” or “trust contests”, and they put the decedent’s final wishes into question.

Disputes that involve the administration of an estate or trust arise over breaches of fiduciary duties by executors, administrators, and trustees; the theft of money by a fiduciary or a third party; the entitlement of a probate estate or trust to title to real property; claims by creditors or debtors of the decedent; and many other varied contexts that span different areas of law.

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The role of trustee, executor, or administrator can be complicated, demanding, and overwhelming especially when combined with the sense of loss suffered upon the death of a loved one. I offer seasoned guidance, advice and support for you during this process. I also have the litigation experience necessary to pursue or defend issues in Court when probate and trust litigation is required.

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